Heto na naman ang “Ber months,” the most awaited months for everyone, and it’s not only because Christmas is coming but also for the reason that 13th month pay is heading towards their palm. I asked 3 working pinoys of different ages on how they will spend their 13th month pay.

Treceived_102107293911719971he first person I asked was an office worker who is nearing her retirement. She said that she will set aside 50% of her 13th month pay in savings account in preparation for her retirement, and the other half will be spent for worthwhile things like buying personal gifts and presents for friends and relatives.

The next person I interviewed was a family man. He said that as soon as he received his 13th month pay he will spend all the money for his family’s needs.

The last person I asked was a 21-year-old lady. She said that she will go shopping and spend all her money to buy the stuffs she likes like shoes and bags.

After hearing their answers, I’ve realized na bawat isa sa atin ay may iba’t ibang paraan kung paano gagastusin ang ating natanggap na 13th month compensation.  As for me, we should carefully plan where and how we will spend it. As the saying goes, “early planning and preparation is essential to staying safe.” Hindi ba kadalasan kapag hindi natin napagplanuhan ang isang bagay ay madaling maubos sa hindi makabuluhang bagay ang perang pinaghirapan natin? Alam nating hindi madaling kumita ng pera kaya nararapat lang na matutunan natin ang tamang paggastos nito.

Now, let me share with you how I plan to spend my 13th month salary:

Pay my Debts

For me, the first thing that we should do is to pay our debts.received_102107293908919901 If you cannot pay in full, at the very least, pay the minimum amount you can afford. Do that consistently every month or every payday until the debt is fully paid. Naniniwala ako na nakakadagdag sa kumpiyansa ng isang tao ang pagiging debt-free.  In fact, you can make a resolution to zero out your debts next year.

Invest in a Mutual Fund and Build-up my Savings Account

I plan to grow my savings by adding up certain amounts regulreceived_102107571824667621arly. Doing so in the next 3-5 years will enable me to accumulate money to start up my own business. Aside from beefing up my savings, I will invest at least 30% of my 13th month pay in a Mutual Fund.

Did you know that investing in mutual funds is one of the secrets of the wealthy? They let their money grow there, and it’s affordable! In fact, you can open a mutual fund account for a minimum investment of 5,000 pesos. But oops, don’t rush into it without studying and understanding it first. INVEST IN YOURSELF.  That’s the first rule in investing.  Attend seminars to increase your financial intelligence. We could recommend free financial seminars on mutual funds and other topics that can help you acquire the necessary knowledge on how to build your wealth.

If you are interested to attend, feel free to get in touch with us. You may click contact us, or  free seminars page to register.

P.S. Don’t ever think na hindi mo kayang mag start ng investment nang dahil lang sa mababang sahod. For me, it is not how big or small your salary is, it is how well disciplined you are in handling your money.

Share my blessings

received_102107293911319961I believe in the saying that, “the more you give unselfishly, the more you receive abundantly,” kaya naman huwag tayong mag hesitate na ibahagi sa ibang tao ang mga natatanggap nating biyaya. Aside from sharing our money with our family, which is the very reason why we are working hard, I hope we can also share a portion of it to the less-privileged. Kaya naman itong 13th month pay ko, I am  sharing it to my family, and to my chosen charity, as my way of thanking the Almighty God for His abundant blessings!



Ms. McLaine is a very sweet and hardworking woman. She does
things that will help her future, like reading books about finances
and attending seminars. She loves to share what she knows. Her
goal is to become wealthy to be able to help and bless other people too.
“I never dream of success. I work for it”

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