Why I Invest in Mutual Funds through IMG

For my mutual fund investment, I transact directly with the International Marketing Group (IMG). I have been a member of IMG for several years now and it makes me proud to be part of an organization that focuses on financial education rather than selling. It is through this institution that I get to discover my calling as a financial literacy advocate, and not only that, I have availed so many interesting benefits as enumerated in the http://financialliteracyadvocacy.com/business-investments/Top 10 Membership Benefits with IMG. I have an online broker for my direct stock investments, but for my mutual fund accounts, I transact directly with IMG. Here are the reasons why I prefer to invest my mutual fund via IMG:

First, investing in mutual funds through IMG exempts me from any sales load fee. Unlike with other brokers, they charge from 1% to 3.5% sales load fee or commission from the amount each time you purchase shares of mutual funds. Say, you invested P10,000 at 3.5% front-end sales load fee. That means P350 will be automatically deducted as sales charge, and P9,650 will be invested in the fund. Why would I prefer investing with a sales charge if I could invest in a no sales load fund?


Second, I get to attend free seminars on mutual fund once a month in IMG. So I learn not only the concepts of investing but I also get updates on the latest performance of the mutual funds in the Philippines.

There are 51 mutual funds in the Philippines, and 27 of which are being distributed by IMG. So I get to choose from among 27 mutual funds which fit my own objectives, time plan, and risk tolerance. Unlike other companies offering mutual funds that are only limited to their own mutual product offerings, in IMG, you get by far better options.

Third, I get to personally talk to financial planners and mentors. In fact, after attending the first seminar in IMG, I had a one-on-one financial check up with my mentor. The truth is, I have learned so many new things that I thought I already knew then. In my online brokerage, they would normally entertain query over the phone but personally, I still prefer a personal meeting with a broker or mentor.

Fourth, after attending seminars, continuous learning, mentoring, and the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) platform of IMG, I am happy to say that I am now one of the mentors of IMG. I conduct financial check-up, mutual fund seminars, and other seminars in Makati, Valenzuela, and even outside Metro Manila.


The mentors and mentees at the IMG Wealth Academy in Makati

Fifth, I basically own my account so I get to be invited to mutual fund stockholders’ meeting. We are investing our hard-earned money so it is but right to get updates on what’s happening with our mutual fund. Plus, you get to see face to face the fund manager and the Board of Directors of mutual fund companies. I don’t get this great privilege as compared with my mutual fund or Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF) in the bank. Information about my investments in the bank are basically confidential in nature and most of the updates come only through emails and newsletters.


PEMI 2016 Investors’ Briefing

Sixth, investing through IMG has opened a lot of opportunities for me, as far as my career is concerned. When I started investing in mutual funds, I never expect anything more than to be able to start financial planning for me and my family. Little did I know that it would launch my career as a speaker and educator.


As a Resource Speaker of DTI/PTTC


As a Resource Speaker of the SME Roving Academy of DTI


Conducting Financial Literacy Seminars in Schools


With our young members and financial literacy advocates during my talk at Brgy. Malinta, Valenzuela City


My financial talk to teachers of Bagbaguin National High School – Valenzuela



Sharing some money-saving tips to our listeners during our radio guesting

Seventh, it also gave me the opportunity to meet the some of the financial gurus, mentors, authors, speakers in the financial industry, and of course, some of Fund Managers of mutual funds in the Philippines.  


With my very own mentors, Engr. Lyndon Malanog and Bro. Bo Sanchez


With Boss Rex Mendoza, one of the top financial gurus and fund managers in the country

Eight, because of my experience in mutual fund investing and our affiliation with IMG, we have now our young successors who are actively involved in spearheading financial literacy. Most of them have full-time job but who allot their spare time in conducting financial talk in coffee shops and houses.


Karen graduated in 2015 and is now one of the top caliber financial educators of FLAG.

Last but not the least, I’ve had the great opportunity of helping a lot of people start their mutual fund investments. From assisting them from the time they fill out application forms to investing proper and updating them on the mutual fund and stock market, up to creating meaningful friendships with them…this is indeed a once in a lifetime opportunity.


In cooperation with Valenzuela City Government and the Young Entrepreneurs’ Club of Valenzuela, we conducted budgeting tips among housewives at Disiplina Village in Ugong, Valenzuela City

In fact, the Financial Literacy Advocacy Group was created by the very same investors and IMG members who have decided to start financial planning and building wealth for their future.  Our relationship has transcended time and has extended to their families and friends. We treat our group not as just as an organization but a family. We are committed to helping Filipino families achieve financial freedom through financial education.


With the young financial literacy advocates and investors of Valenzuela


About the Author

Divina Gracia M. Cabaddu, known to her students as “Ma’am Divine,” is a College Professor teaching Financial Management subjects such as Investment and Portfolio Management, Capital Market, Financial Analysis and Reporting, Strategic Financial Management, and Security Analysis. She started investing five years ago – both in direct stocks and mutual funds.  As part of her advocacy, she is actively conducting financial literacy lectures to impart her knowledge on proper saving and investing. Her connections in Brokerage firms, Mutual Fund companies, and other financial institutions have enabled her to refer and help many people on how to invest and apply their learnings. Her mentors include Engr. Noel Arandilla, Registered Financial Planner (RFP) and founder of the Wealth Academy; Engr. Lyndon Malanog, financial coach of Bo Sanchez, Inc., and Mr. Rex Mendoza, former VP of Ayala Land, Inc. and the President of Rampver Financials, Inc. Ma’am Divine believes that anyone can be wealthy if they have the right mindset. She provides free consultation and seminars on Saturdays in her office in Makati. You may contact her at 0927.755.2285.

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