Three Secrets of a Truly Happy Person


Many people especially the so-called “millennials” are searching for happiness in people, things, fame and wealth. Among all these, which do you think is the true source of one’s joy?

As you read this, maybe some of you are wondering why I wrote this article on a personal finance website. The truth is, I love to teach people about personal finance, but let me share this with you: once a person is not yet truly satisfied and has not yet found his purpose in life, even if he possesses all the wealth on earth, he will never be truly happy.

 Choose to be Happy. Choose to be Wealthy.

I believe that happiness is a choice. You are responsible for your own happiness. It doesn’t depend on your circumstances. The same with wealth, being wealthy is a choice. It is a decision that God leaves up to us. Let us not blame our parents, our family, our government or God for our current situation because it is clearly written in the bible that, “It is God who gives us the power to create wealth. Deuteronomy 8:18.” Friend, you have to make a choice. YOU CAN CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY.

 Let me share the three secrets in search for happiness. (Now no longer a secret. LOL)

1. Purpose

Find out your purpose in life. If you know your purpose you will always be happy. Life is not just about you; it’s about others, too. I learned this lesson in life when I intentionally involved myself to voluntary works. During my teenage years, I used to be a Sunday school teacher in our small church where I taught young kids. I realized that sharing wisdom to these children who are the next heroes of our country is indeed a fulfilling endeavor and as such, it can generally create a high impact to our society.

My involvement to volunteerism continued even after I graduated from college. I carried on my involvement in teaching people particularly regarding their personal finance. It is not an easy thing to do because it may take a long time for a person to change from being a spender to a saver. But I still teach them anyway, why? I realized that I have a role to fulfill because a lot of people are not financially educated, and in fact, less than 1% of Filipinos are investing in the stock market. If no one will stand up to help and teach people in building Financial Foundation, then who else will?

I am sharing this with you because I want you to discover your life’s purpose.  You will never get tired of life if you do.You will also have a grateful heart, and for that, surely happiness will follow.

So, have you found your purpose in life?


2. Contentment (but ready to Adopt Change)

Contentment brings happiness. Why? Because there would always be a room for gratitude in our hearts. It would be so hard for one person to become truly happy if he never appreciates the things that God has given to him. And that includes his family, his friends, his job and career, and his life.

But it doesn’t stop there. If we want to achieve more, then we should strive more and persist more. That’s why one should be contented but ready to adopt change.  Change is the only thing that is constant in this world. If we will not adopt change, we will be left behind.


Maybe you’re asking, “Karen, are you really contented with what you have? then why do you still keep on striving for more?” Let me answer you, YES. I am contented with what I have but I open myself for new opportunities that life gives me. It is not about me anymore but about others, too. Many will be benefited if I strive more, or if I learn more and if I chase excellence more. As the saying goes, “You cannot give what you don’t have.”

Same is true with investments and money management. If we will all be frugal, if we practice discipline in savings and learn how money works then we can use our money to serve, to bless and to love people more. Don’t miss out the opportunity that God has given you today. The bible said, “faith without action is dead.” So take action now!

You will be happier if you will open yourself to new opportunities that God has revealed to you. If God is calling you to minister and serve others, go and just do it in whatever way you can – that will make your life more meaningful.

“Contentment is one of the secrets to a happy life but remember, you must be willing to adopt change.”


How intense is your desire for happiness, success, and wealth? Are these desires connected to your soul?  You can do more if your desires are strong enough.

Be intentional for your own happiness. Life is not a series of chances; it is a series of choices. God gives you the free will to decide in the aspects of your life right now – physical, emotional, financial and spiritual.

To sum it up:

                       Know your purpose in life.

                                 Be contented but be willing to adopt change, and lastly,

                                             Keep your burning desire to chase everything you want in life.

If you have these three things, happiness is within your reach!

Thank you for reading. May all your dreams come true!


Ms Karen is a consisten hard working woman who knows
how to have fun. She loves reading finance, marketing and
motivational books. Her goal is to become a financial leader
and renowned speaker to inspire young people like her.

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