“Learn to grow what is entrusted to you.” Matthew 25:29

The main purpose of financial seminars is not for you to start investing, but it is designed to make people understand the general concepts of SAVING and INVESTING so that when applied you can have savings.  This is contrary to what most people say – that they will only attend “FINANCIAL SEMINARS” when they have the extra cash to start investing.

After seven years of investing and reaping the great returns of our investment, I tried to ask again my distant friends and officemates if they are now ready to attend our financial seminars but their answer is still the same.  They would attend seminars when they have the extra cash to start investing. Seven years have passed and the extra cash that they are wishing have remained a wish. Years have passed away, market has gone up and down and opportunities have come and gone but the same thing remains a wish in the life of many Filipinos.

What people fail to understand is that they need to attend financial seminars so that they would learn how to adjust their lifestyle and increase their income so that they will have savings for investing.


Take note that savings comes before investing because the main purpose of investing is to grow your savings.

People should understand that their first major investment is to make time to learn financial management in a holistic way.  This is the right thing to do because this is your hard-earned money we are talking about.

Act now by attending our seminars! It’s your first major investment LEARN.


About the Author

Lyndon Malanog is an Electrical Engineer by profession. He is a CEO at the International Marketing Group (IMG), a Financial Coach of Bo Sanchez, Inc., and a mentor of the Truly Rich Club. Together with Bro. Bo Sanchez, his vision is to create a thousand millionaires by the year 2030.

Lyndon Manalog

A Leader leads by example, whether he intends to or not.

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