Money Saving Tips for Students

It’s Christmas season again. More or less, your ninongs and  ninongs lavish you again  with aguinaldos. But how will you be able to save the money you got on Christmas when classes start resume after the long cold break? Here are some tips:

1. Put it in a savings account.

Even if you are still a student, it is good to have a savings account in the bank where you can deposit your money. Nobody is too young to start saving. If you don’t have one, look for a reputable bank nearby and open an account. In that way, you can be less tempted from spending because you do not see the money you have. Also, over time, it also gets an interest, and that would be additional amount for you. However, your purpose for depositing your money in the bank is actually to save it, and getting an interest is secondary. You should also, as much as possible, be able to deposit regularly, leaving only the amount you’d be using with you.

2. Do not always go for fast foods and restaurants.

There may be plenty of fast food chains and restaurants within and outside your school and while their advertisements may be really hard to resist and would just take control of your feet to get inside, and your hands to pull out some bills, always remember that there are other places where you could eat with your tummies getting filled at an affordable price. If possible, take a baon with you which you have made at home. If not, look for clean and healthy foods in carenderias and other stores. Fast food products are also full of preservatives, and you need to avoid them. In this way, you don’t only save money, but also your health. Health is wealth.

3. Buy second-hand books and use recycled notebooks.

You don’t need to buy brand-new books for your subjects. There are other students who sell their used books at lower prices. You may also look for second-hand books in Recto, or if you’re in a mall, you may go to shops like Booksale. This is a great decision for you to make, most especially if the books are only good for a semester. Also, recycle your old notebooks. You can put all the unused pages in your old notebook together,  binding them to create a new one. You can also personalize its cover, which is better than the pricey ones sold in bookstores.

4. Do business.

Be an entrepreneur. You are not too young to start a business. Do not just be a buyer; be a seller. Start with a small capital and be creative enough to come up with a business of your own. Who knows, once you graduate, you have already earned a lot from your business, which means you are already ready for an expansion, and more business opportunities. Remember, while many are thinking of what to eat from Christmas to New Year, thinking of what to eat from New Year to Christmas is more important. Save. No one gets harmed from being thrifty. It is also good to be prepared when crucial spending matters arrive.

There are a lot of things you can do to save money. Just set your mind and control yourself. In the end, you’ll realize its perks.


Author: Reicelene Joy Ignacio

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